Don't worry Kelley, we didn't/could never forget about you!!! Tyler Rose has more than one great addition!

I die! Another intern, and she's Bananas! (and a big fan, like us all, of Rachel Zoe).  Kelley, a fellow Chappy anddd teammate for CU's Women's Tennis is as cute as a button and loads of great energy! You'll love her as much as we do!

And I feel it is only appropriate at this time to introduce you all to our Zoe Update!  Just a nice little hellooo to our Rachel Zoe fans who love to look at her great style and listen to her ridiculousssly amazing comments!

So, when asked by Bravo,
"If you could have access to anyones closet, who's would it be and why?" 
Our little lady said " Kate Moss', because she is the perfect mix of vintage and designer, and [represents] different trends across the board."

Well it is Offffficially meant to be! I would love to have Kate Moss' closet too! Seems to me like Zoe and TRS were a match made in heaven!  Cant Wait for more? Check out the Zoe Update tomorrow!

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