Todays Fashion Horoscope

Pisces: If you had it your way, you would probably go about in a Tyler Rose bathingsuit all day, but if you buy a power suit and wear it like you mean it, you will eventually grow into it. A label for you: Vera Wang

Taurus: Trends aren't most important to you and stilettos seem silly when flats are much more comfortable. Your best feature is often your neck, so be sure to wear your hair up, and show it off! Your label: Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton

Gemini: It's beginning to get chilly, but rock the tank-top for now, you'll look great.  Arm bands and dangly bracelets are a must! When it comes down to it, you're willing to try anything, so keep up the good work!  A label for you: Tommy Hilfiger 

Aries: You're closet could be described as Noah's Ark, full of all different colors, shapes, sizes and fabrics, but rest assured, it all looks great once on you! Solid colors are going to work for you right now, along with dramatic eye makeup.  Your designer: Gucci

Cancer: Happiness to you this winter is a great old sweater. Don't have one? Try your local vintage store for a great find. Your label: Ralph Lauren

Leo: You know comfort comes last, and you're always daring. Dress for success today, and know you'll pull any glamorous look off. Your label: Versace

Virgo: A minimalist by nature and always tailored, today slick your hair back in a bun, and throw on something comfortable and chic, you wont be distracted just ready to succeed. Your label: Calvin Klein

Libra: Friends and family know to come to you during a fashion crisis, but you wont be having any of your own today.  Wear something blue toned, the rich shade of sapphire will work wonders. A label for you: Giorgio Armani
Scorpio: With an ever changing style you'll follow a trend, as long as it suits you, and most do! Some trends you can pull off this fall: belle shapes, country living, minimalist and winter garden. Your label: Anne Demeulemeester 

Sagittarius: Hippie days are not yet in your past, so get in touch with your inner flower child today.  A designer for you: Haute Hippie 

Capricorn: You'll be more comfortable in a business suit today than sweats, so if it means waking up a little earlier, be sure to feel prepared for the day.  Your label: Donna Karan 

Aquarius: Wear something today for shock value like always.  Oversized sleeves would work out perfect. A label for you: Yves Saint Laurent

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