New Month New You, Tyler Rose Fashion Astrology

-December 2nd 2008-
Aries: Feel like giving experimental design a whirl? Good! But make sure you examine everything before you buy, the more cutting-edge a design the more important materials and workmanship are.
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Taurus: You want it all, more exercise and more time with your friends. Instead of cramming your blackberry, try organizing a daily or weekly jog with pals. You'll get fit in time for the holidays and strengthen friendships all at once!

Gemini: Channel your considerable creativity into your outfits right now. You know people who rely on designer labels from head to toe lack imagination, you can show them how it's done with originality!

Cancer: Need a source for you next haircut or style evolution? Hit the books at the library, explore world history, the arts, or theatre and marvel at the forms self-decoration can take.

Leo: Be savvy, So many household items double as beauty aids: lemon juice is great for unstaining nails and hands, while vinegar as a post-shampoo rinse or baking soda added to your suds helps degrease your hair.

Virgo: You're feeling bolder than usual today, but instead of a drastic haircut, or an outfit polar opposite than the usual, try a new shade of nail polish (black, navy blue, grey) or some cutting-edge jewelry.
Libra: Looking your best sometimes requires patience. If a 20 minute face mask seems too long right now, put on a deep conditioning treatment and check your email, its multi-tasking!

Scorpio: Try lightening up your beauty routine. Instead of creams go for lotions, gels and serums instead of mousse or pomade,  and a new blush with shimmer could work wonders.

Sagittarius: Cant decide whether to wear black or white? Why not try both? Get the best of both worlds and make it easy on yourself.
Capricorn: To be truly successful at fashion (and anything else for that matter), you need to use your brain your heart and your soul. If you try to over-rationalize a purchase or beauty choice, something else is going on.
Aquarius: If you find yourself trying to squeeze into an old pair of pants, buy new ones.  It's not failure to gain a pound or two, embrace the new curves!

Pisces: The more regularly you do something the more you'll see results.  Ten minutes of walking everyday is better than an 8 mile run every 2 weeks, and daily sunscreen sure beats plastic surgery!
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