Today's Tyler Rose Swimwear Fashion Horoscope

December 3rd 2008...
Aries: Add color to your life with something like a bright scarf, or an unusual shade of lipstick before getting drastic. An orange streak in your hair isn't the answer, who knows tomorrow you might be in the mood for neutrals.
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Taurus: Cutting petroleum-based beauty and cleaning products is good for your health and for the environment. Swap the petroleum for plant-based products and try an eco-conscious dishwashing soap.

Gemini: Finish a project today before starting a 6 week knitting course or a craft night with your friends. Next week you may be into pottery and putting away the yarn.

Pisces: Need to go shopping for gifts or for yourself? Buddy up! You'll save some gas (great for the environment) and you might get more done too, bounce ideas off your 'buddy'.

Scorpio: Don't stress if it seems like you don't have options today, you do. If the store you're at doesn't have your size or color, ask if another store does. They don't? Look at their catalogue! You can get what you want right now.

Sagittarius: Do you need a richer moisturizer? Orrr would less caffeine, more sleep and water do the trick? Try sensible remedies you can do on your own before you put down a significant amount of cash for a beauty aid.

Cancer: If your self-image needs a boost take a yoga class, or 5. Instead of going for the burn you'll learn to appreciate all the physical gifts you already have. Remember that every healthy body is a beautiful body.

Leo: A new item is always tempting, but you might already own something that works for your current wardrobe need. Why no go shopping in your own closet? There are probably a few items back there you could resuscitate.
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Capricorn: Be healthful and conscious about your eating. It can be all too easy to fall into the habit of eating when you're bored, tired or otherwise feeling overwhelmed. Track your triggers.
Libra: It's tempting to stay in the bath for hours, but don't! All that soaking, if it goes on too long, is actually very tough on hair, skin and nails. Give yourself 20 minutes max, or you'll get too much of a good thing.

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