Today's Tyler Rose Swimwear Fashion Horoscope

ARIES- Red is your power color and what better time than the holiday to sprinkle a little on?  A color block Black Halo dress says sassy but joyful.  Now off to find the man with a nose like a cherry!
TAURUS- Holiday splendor is yours this month as you shop, shop, shop. You just love plucking soft J.Crew cashmere sweaters, buttery leather handbags and a very special LAMB bracelet for all your lovelies. Receiving is nice, but it's way more fun to give!

GEMINI- Party invites are coming and you need to be ready to get your jingle on. A dark Banana Republic suit will make you merry. Wear with a purple Ben Sherman dress shirt to fancy events or dress it down with a graphic tee and flats. Either way, bells will ring! 
CANCER- Creative crabs know that the smartest holiday shopping takes place at their local crossroads. Low prices and hot labels mean everyone on your list will feel totally indulged. Don't forget to pick yourself up a little present too - as a reward for doing all this good!

LEO- One chunky, hand knitted mustard sweater by Moth with oversized purple buttons will bring you true joy this month. Wear it with super fresh Theory denim trousers, wedges and vampy dark nails. 

VIRGO- Boy meets girl is your newest fashion obsession. You pair wide legged velvet trousers with a tuxedo blouse (complete with a bow tie) to create a feminine, masculine vibe.
LIBRA- Shopping is more than a hobby for you, it's an art form, so the holidays make you positively giddy. Even better is browsing at thrift store where you can score all the best stuff without any of that dreaded January credit card remorse. Cha-ching!

SCORPIO- Get festive this month with a little bit of bling. A sass and bide v-neck tee with a rainbow of sequins provides a little sparkle to basic black editor pants.  Shine a little brighter with eggplant patent leather peep-toes, a slick of lip gloss and your starlet personality!

sass & bide photo from New York Magazine
SAGITTARIUS- Merriment surrounds you all year, but especially during the holidays. Be ready for friends popping over by donning Pure and Good's luxe lounge pants, ruffled tee's and polka dotted socks. Be sure your fridge is stocked with some bubbly too!

CAPRICORN- Snow bunny chic is your mantra. Icicle white leggings, topped with Roxy quilted bomber jacket, beg for ultra delicious, warm shearing boots. Mix in a Prada headband and head for the slopes feeling every bit the winter princess.
photo from The Purse Forum
AQUARIUS- Wrap yourself like a present in turquoise Free Press organic cotton sweater, dark denim and a bold marine-hued cashmere scarf. You'll be the most tempting holiday gift!

PICESE- Tickle yourself this month by nabbing a stylish yet practical pair of Hunter rain boots. Pull them on over warm leggings, layer on sweaters and scarves and then head outside in search of a big puddles! December is ripe for kicking up the fun!

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