Todays Fashion Horoscope from Tyler Rose

ARIES: You find a pair of tights in a beautiful shade of grey, only to get home and realize you already have two pairs in similar shades.  Thats why it always helps to do a regular inventory and clean-out of your drawers!
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TAURUS: Thinking that your fashion statements aren't personal enough? Look through your closet. Chances are you already have a color you favor, or a shape that flatters, just turn up the volume from there!

GEMINI: So there's a cutie who always uses the machines next to you in the gym.  It's ridiculous to put on a full face of makeup, but a little lip-gloss never hurt, then let your natural exercised glow do the rest!
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CANCER: There's no shame in stopping a stranger on the street and asking where she got her great shoes or haircut. You've made her day and your next style move. 

LEO: Didn't get enough sleep? Fake the look of complete rest and good health with a few simple products: a shimmery highlighter mixed in with your moisturizer, a touch of blush can make you look in the pink.
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VIRGO: Watch out for extreme urges to shop which might end up in a deep case of buyer's remorse. Think of any excursions out today as the sartorial equivalent of channel surfing: look at everything, settle on nothing... for today.

LIBRA: Simple natural makeup almost always serves you look best--anytime you try to correct a so-called flaw, you just end up looking overdone. 

SCORPIO: Everything is best when done in moderation. Some days call for the full-on routine, other days its sunscreen and a ponytail and out the door. 
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SAGITTARIUS:It's true that every now and then, going out and buying a new lip-gloss can really perk you up, but take a look at your makeup drawer, you may have one too many perk-me-up colors. Try looking for a new outlet. 

CAPRICORN: Eyeliner pencil feel a little too stiff for immediate use? Roll it between your fingers for a few moments: your body heat will help soften it and reduce delicate eye skin from being pulled.

AQUARIUS: Someone might cut in line today at the grocery store--but try not to hold a grudge or even worse, make muttered comments. You may however speak up politely if you'd like, they probably didn't even notice they did it!
PICSES: Your favorite niece wants you to mediate in a style debate between her and her mother. Diplomatically find a way to let situations be today if you don't want to undermine anyone close to you. 

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