Today's TRS Fashion Horoscope

ARIES:It can be frustrating to never reproduce those salon results at home. Ask the pros for a tip--your stylist can give you a step-by-step guide on how to produce a perfect blowout, and with a little practice your set!

TAURUS: It's a good day to try things on, but don't commit your heart or credit card to any one purchase. Chances are you'll swing by a boutique after work and there you'll find the very thing you've been longing for. 

GEMINI: A little bit of proper prep work ensures you're always ready to look great. Washing your makeup brushes the night before means that they're in tip-top shape when you get a last-minute invite out from your sweetheart!
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CANCER: Dressing up your dress-up area helps you feel much more relaxed and put together even before you start your morning routine.  Get a lamp with flattering light and your set.  

LEO: It's a good time to keep mum, especially if someone asks you for your style advice.  Keep your lips sealed and you could just avert a major piece of trouble when you-know-who goes looking for people to blame. 

VIRGO: You want to make your own curtains, but you're not sure you're ready to invest in a sewing machine. Take baby steps: you can always buy a portable one or get a friend who's sewing savvy to help you out. 
LIBRA: Adding a little heat helps intensify treatments work better. So put on a cap and blow-dry your hair after applying that masque or think about slathering on lotion before you put on gloves and do the dishes. 

SCORPIO: Building a wardrobe that really works for you is a matter of trial and error. Sometimes and impulse buy turns out to be a mainstay of your style, while a dress you thought you'd wear forever goes into the donation pile. 

SAGITTARIUS: Filing and sorting doesn't just apply to email and office work: your beauty and clothing spaces van use some of that action, too. Evaluate what works and throw out what doesn't. Don't waste time on the trivial. 

CAPRICORN: If you're going out for a big night, make absolutely sure you wash your face no matter how tired you are when you come home--you don't want to walk into work the next day with raccoon eyes and bedhead. 

AQUARIUS: Slipping into something more comfortable isn't just a cliche from old movies. Keep a special pair of slippers or a glamorous robe--it makes dressing up or getting ready for bed so much more enjoyable. 
PISECE: Doubling up helps you stay warm and create a unique look. It's amazing what layering can do, especially if you use different weaves and types of fiber.

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