A Tyler Rose Suit for Every Sign!

ARIES: Putting on more than you can carry off is going to give you a headache, fashion-wise. Be realistic about limits.  Fishnets, a miniskirt and legwarmers just say confused.  More is expected of you than that.
TAURUS: Buy one, get one half off deals seem like a bargain on the surface, but when you think about it, its still money you're spending on something nonessential. (Come to think of it, is the original purchase even essential.)
GEMINI: Don't have time for a full manicure? Trim your cuticles, moisturize your hands and file your nails. There: you look professional and lovely and you didn't have to sit around for an hour waiting for polish to dry. 
CANCER: The bigger the print, the more balance you need in other elements of your outfit.  It seems counter-intuitive, but you actually need bigger accessories to keep one part of your look from being too forceful.
LEO: Have a salon appointment? Be prepared: your stylist might be in a chatterbox-y mood or have a million other tasks to coordinate with your cut. Be patient and try not to spend too much time texting yourself!
VIRGO: Putting on a happy face may actually make yourself feel better, which in turn helps you look better. So find something to smile at!
LIBRA: You want to drop a dress size and get a new haircut and be more flexible-all great goals. But if you take on too much at once, you might end up discouraged and drop them all. Why not start small?
SCORPIO:Take a moment and think about it before you run to the department store beauty counter. Do you need a heavier moisturizer or a more mild facial cleanser? The answer might not be the one you think it is.
SAGITTARIUS: Are your eyebrows too thick or are they naturally beautiful? Spinning things the right way can give you a new sense of perspectives on circumstances that had you tearing your heart out. See your true potential!
CAPRICORN: It's a good time to be especially wary of forming (or continuing) unhealthy attachments to products or style professionals you'd be better off avoiding. That stylist always says he'll make you look great, but does he?
AQUARIUS: Layering is always a great idea to create a unique look, but don't go overboard with clashing patterns or color or you might look like you're trying too hard.  Try to keep things on the simpler side for now.
PISCES:Make it a habit to carry snacks with you, especially if you have a long day ahead. Not only will your blood sugar stay at a constant level, but you'll save money and spare yourself empty calories in the long run.

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