Newport Beach Film Festival

The Newport Beach Film Festival begins Today! My favorite at the festival are always the surf films. Heres a little rundown of those films during the festival:
April 24th- Waveriders. A film about the surf culture in Ireland. 6pm @ Lido Theatre
April 27th- The Lost Wave. Surf historian Sam George takes you to a remote island off the coast of Africa. 6:15pm @ Lido Theatre
April 28th- Echo Beach. Wonder what the surf scene of the 1980's was like in our very own Newport Beach? Then this movie is for you. 7:30pm @ Lido Theatre
April 29th- Beyond the Dream: The Joey Buran Story. One of the sports greatest athletes and the discovery of his life's purpose. 2:15pm @Lido Theatre
April 29th- Clay Marzo: Just Add Water. The young athlete shows the world the gifts and challenges of having Asberger's Syndrome. 5pm @ Lido Theatre
April 30th- Havana Surf. Evolution of surfing in Cuba. 8:30pm @ Edwards Island 3.
To purchase tickets visit the Newport Beach Film Festival
Throw on your TRS bikini and head to the theatre! I know I will! XOXO

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The Dingman Group said...

Forgot to tell you...I have tickets to the festival through a client...good lookin' out Roxy!