The TRS Summer Countdown and Bikini Tip of the Week!

With summer just 73 days away (officially begins June 20th, while I say, jump in your bikini and head to the pool this week!) lets kick off the week by jump starting our metabolism with some healthy and easy tricks!

- Head out for sushi with your friends and eat some sashimi! Eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acid (like tuna and salmon) helps to balance blood sugar and reduce inflammation, helping you regulate your metabolism.
- Eat your breakfast! Having a nutrient rich breakfast like oatmeal with almonds and berries literally wakes up your metabolism for the day

- Go organic! Organic fruits, grains and veggies grown without pesticides help to keep your fat-burning system running full speed because your thyroid isn't being exposed to toxins. When you eat non-organic (treated more-than-likely with pesticides), your metabolism can be blocked by your thyroids exposure to toxins.
Have a Healthy week! XOXO,
The Ladies of TRS

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