Stylish AND Eco-Friendly!

Who said you can't be stylish and eco-friendly? Not these designers...

From former Chanel stylist Rachelyn Porter and Project Runway contestant Nora Calguri, Larsen Gray, "for every globe trotting and socially conscious girl." Sounds like a Tyler Rose Swimwear girl to me...
the colorful skirt made from friendship bracelets
Larsen Gray, Tier Tank and Skate Shorts available at shopbop.com
Larsen Gray, Shoulder Vest Dress, available at shopbop.com
Larsen Gray, Racer Knot Romper, available at shopbop.com

From Ecobodies (the environmentally friendly boutique to a T)
Perfectly Imperfect Razor Tank Stripe

See it's easy to be green! XOXO

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