TRS Summer Countdown and Bikini Tip of the Week

With summer officially starting on June 22nd-ish, there are only 43 days left! Not to worry though! This leaves you with plenty of time to work on our bikini-ready tip of the week:

In the latest issue of 944 Magazine: All That Is Cool In Orange County, 944 spoke with renowned fitness trainer Juliet Kaska, the lady behind bodies like Jessica Alba and Rachael Leigh Cook! Here are her Tips for slimming down in 3 weeks or less:

1) What you should be eating/drinking:
-Drink plenty of water
-Eat foods high in fiber
-Foods full of digestive enzymes like papaya & grapefruit
-Foods that are richly colored & from the earth, like berries, spinach, and beets
-Lean protein, like fish, turkey & chicken

2) Your exercise plan:
-Add weights to each exercise. EX: add Body Bar's SmartBell (4.6 pounds) behind your head on standard curls or in front of your chest on rotation curls.
-Speed it up! Its that burn that sheds those extra pounds so that your lean muscle can be seen. EX: take your treadmill jog & turn it into 2-minute sprints.

-Rest! Everyday counts in the home stretch. Try to work out 6 days a week, allowing 1 day for rest so your body will be ready for the following week. This will help prevent injury & help you reach your goal more efficiently!

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