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I have fallen in love with another blog, BathingNews.com a blog devoted to swimwear that is simply to-die-for. A recent entry by Tala the writer has got me thinkin'.... Cameron Diaz needs Tyler Rose Swimwear!

So athletic, Cameron is a perfect kind of TRS girl, she would look great in any of our suits, but here are some we think she would def. go for.
Perfect for paddling out is La Malmaison, secure and adorable. Available at tylerroseswimwear.com or couturecandy.com
For lounging poolside, we suggest A La Carte (Resort Collection for Shopbop.com)
'She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini'... It is as if the color yellow was made for Miss Diaz, and how amazing would she look in the TRS Cannes two piece!
Here Cameron looks great in green, but to take it up a notch and for a bit of a lift i think the Mougins (The Rendezvous Collection Spring 08') in green would perfect!
Just gimme a call Cameron, no biggie!
The Ladies of Tyler Rose Swimwear


tala said...

i agree! cam totally needs trs!!!!!! ps. a friend of mine who knows you i believe... always raved about trs! very creative, sexy, hot line! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

not only cam...but, maybe all the angels need trs!....there's a thought! would look hot!

rox said...

Oh Thats a great idea! Lets put in the good word with Charlie! XOXO