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Inspired By This, a website by Leila Khalil, devoted to giving great wedding insight just wrote up Tyler Rose Swimwear in their Wedding Vendor Spotlight. We have always thought our suits were bride-worthy and Leila agrees!

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: “Walk Poolside Like it’s a Runway”

June 10th, 2009


“Poolside Chic” wedding wear. Have you considered? As wedding professionals have you thought about this idea for your brides or suggesting it as bridesmaids gifts? I have been hearing that this is all the rage now. Whether brides are planning a destination wedding in a tropical location, heading to a remote island for their honeymoon or if any of you plan to be lounging by the pool at any time in the future, you all will want to be sure you have your Tyler Rose swimsuit in tow.

nichole-carroll-headshotNichole Carroll is the owner and designer and it must be said her suits are one of my current obsessions…So fab! Being a glamorous and flirty woman in her 20’s, Nichole started designing suits for her girlfriends with a vision of simple silhouettes and classic bold prints. Her inspiration was born of a photo from 1971 of her mother lounging in a beautiful violet swimsuit exuding an air of sweet elegance. Tyler Rose Swimwear has the logo, branding and website down with great swim suits on top of it! Their website and musical selections reflect the current line, which is a sexy 80’s Miami-esque collection called, “A Sure Thing”. These stylish suits has been seen on the likes of celebrityMolly Sims and stars like Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Kirsten Dunst, Maria Menounos, and Nicole Richie all have their own “poolside runway” Tyler Rose swimsuits as well.

Here is a small sampling of where they’ve been noticed!covers

Now wedding magazines are are turning their eyes to the hottest collection of destination wedding wear. Brides are all the rage this summer for glamorous gifts for their bridesmaids and hot honeymoon poolside attire. You can even make an affair out of shopping for your suit. TRS will gladly let you host a bridal shower there, where you can have the opportunity to have the team help fit you for the perfect suit! What I love most about these bathing suits is that they celebrate the curves of a woman. Nichole says, “ A glamorous girly girl is a state of mind, an attitude- not defined by an age.” Being confident wearing a flirty and flattering swimsuit will have every woman wanting to “walk poolside like it’s a runway”. For daily updates, follower Tyler Rose Swim on Twitter

The TRS white bathing suits are great for the Bride


The bold and colorful patterns below are popular for bridesmaids gifts and honeymoon poolside attire!


Now as I prepare for my luxury wedding business conference in the Grand Caymans (Engage 09), I’ve got to get my hands on one of these Tyler Rose swimsuits to take with me. Wouldn’t want to be caught walking poolside without one!

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