"For the Love of Boutiquing"
We at Tyler Rose Swimwear just found out about a great website devoted to letting you in on the best boutiques near you, current sales, parties and events!
This month Lilikoi, one of our fav boutiques in Newport got a write up from the ladies at Boutiquing.com and here is what they had to say...

Lilikoi Boutique - Casual Cool Chic
Review by: Erin
"Walking into this Newport Beach boutique felt like shopping in Maui but with the sass of the OC. Lilikoi Boutique has taken the vibe and comfort associated with the beach and twisted it ever so slightly for easy cool chic. From flip flops and bathing suits to flirty dresses and darling scarves, this open and airy boutique has you covered when it comes to calm and captivating."
"An entire wall in Lilikoi is dedicated to you bronzing beauties and water babies. Sexy and sultry Tyler Rose swimsuits and ultra hip designs from L-Space make sure you are not only noticed...but remembered! With so many styles and looks to choose from at Lilikoi, you could recreate yourself every weekend."
TRS on the wall at Lilikoi
Be sure to check out Boutiquing.com to see what's going on at the boutiques near you!

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