Want flat abs when wearing your Tyler Rose Swimwear? I know I do! So I'll be listening to Fitness Magazines 10 Best Foods for Flat Abs recommendations:

1) ALMONDS - filling and full o' fiber
2) EGGS - eating eggs in the morning tends to lead to less snacking throughout the day because of their filling factor, keeping those hands out of the snack drawer
3) SOY - drinking soy milk in place of traditional milk can equal weight loss
4) APPLES - a filling and heathy fruit containing 85% water, keeping you full
5) BERRIES - loaded with fiber, a dieters bff, also they trap other foods and shuttle them out
before they can be fully digested
6) LEAFY GREENS - contain more bang for your buck (one whole cup = only 40 calories or so) and calcium rich to help fuel your workouts
7) YOGURT - full of probiotics, keeping your digestive system healthy=less bloating=flatter tummy
8) VEGGIE SOUP - researchers found that those who eat broth-based soup two times a day were more successful in weight loss, also an easy way to get your veggies
9) SALMON - full of Omega-3 fatty acids, promotes fat burning and an efficient metabolism
10) QUINOA - packed with protein and fiberrr

Todays lunch... a salmon and berry leafy green salad with and apple and big glass of soy milk for me! Haha have a great day!
Peace Love & TRS

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