Today I decided to interview the bikini boss Nichole Carroll to find out what really has inspired her for the Tyler Rose Swimwear 2010 collection Haute Indian Summer...
ME: Ok boss, tell me, what has been your biggest inspiration for this new line?
NC: That would be the sounds and scene of Woodstock 1969
ME: Can you give me some specifics...
NC: Wheres my Woodstock books?? Have you seen those? (as she runs out of the office). Ok, the Hippie movement, the farm team, hippies mirrored in a sea of mud, (she says jokingly). Janis Joplin, I love Janis Joplin. The Peace Love and Sex.. haha God, Jimmie Hendrix jacket was so awesome, (as she looks at one of the many hippie books on her lap) look at this Rox, how do I get that jacket??
ME: Hahah so other than the music, tell me about the scene.
NC: This is the scene, look at that Rox, it was so visually and musically inspired, technicolor. Musically, visually, it inspired love. I love the freedom, and I loveee the clothing of that era.... ok Couture Candy keeps calling.

And after immersing myself in the 69 love, peace and rock vibe for a few minutes it is back to work we go!

Peace, Love & TRS

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