The old idea of being a hippie=being a bit smelly/couch surfing is blown to shreds by these 'Neo-Hippies' via Style.com. On the contrary, these "hippies" are all about creating beauty, from jewelry and clothes to music and foundations these artists all care about mother earth and giving when they can. I dig.
The most boho, hip, amazing, hot-I'm-in-love leather pants and accessories are made by this man, Jordan Betten of Lost Art. While one may think he'd be up in the clouds and not down-to-earth because of his religious following of rockers and movie stars, Betten is so the opposite and has a killer mantra, "I'm all about happy." Well so are we Jordan Betten, way cool!

We all know about TOM'S Shoes and how great the system and shoes are, buy a pair and a pair is donated to a child in need. But the man behind the canvas and sometimes vegan shoe, Blake Mycoskie is just as great, an entrepreneur who is on his 5th venture has now donated a running tab of 150,000 shoes, and is sorta a babe! Wayyytago!
Tracy Feith, Michelle Obama's go-to-guy is all about creating beautiful clothes while beautifying his home town. Feith's hand built teepee was auctioned off and the money used to restore the Montauk State Park. I diggg it.
California-based jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth seems to have it made. A swim in the ocean every morning and a skateboard ride to work, what more could you ask for? Amazzzinngg jewelry? Oh she's got that too! (her beautiful rings below)
His music is playful and fabulous just like his style. Bearded-boho Devendra Banhart is all about being a part of nature. From making his own jewelry in his pretty eco-friendly home to shmoozing it up with designers like Phillip Lim, Donatella Versace and performing at Chanel's 2006 pre-fall show Banhart is definitely a happening "hippie".
Victoria's Secret model Angela Lindvall is seriously all-American and working for a cause! This mid-western born beauty has established the Collage Foundation, all about creating better awareness for the youth when it comes to being green.
"Once a boho, always a boho" Alice Temperley not only designs beautiful clothes out of London, but she also knows about being eco-friendly from growing up on her family's cider farm!
Hey! We recycle and drink fare trade coffee! Baby steps, who knows one day all Tyler Rose Swimwear may be vegan!

peace, love & TRS

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