Want to look like a TRS favorite, beauty Brigitte Bardot or now tricks to looking lik other stunning icons TRS worthy? Well Self Magazine shows you how...
Brigitte Bardot
The Look: A bombshell pout
1. Fill in your lips with a complexion-hued liner. Skinny lips? Apply liner along outer edge of lips to enhance their fullness. Rub with a cotton swab to soften the line
2. Apply a lipstick a shade darker than your skin tone
3. Dab on champagne colored gloss for shine and you are officially a TRS fav. leading lady!
The Look: Smoky eyes
1. Beginning at outer corner of eyes and working toward your nose, thinly line top lids with a black pencil, staying close to lashes. Moving in the opposite direction, smudge pencil with a swab. Repeat on bottom lids.
2. Using a skinny brush, tap a deep purple powder shadow over both top and bottom lids to set it.
3. With a shadow brush apply gray cream shadow to lids, focusing on the outer corners and creases. Finish with black mascara on top and bottom lashes.
The Look: sexily sun-kissed skin
1. Blend a pink cream blush on the apple of your cheeks
2. Using a stippling brush apply a cream bronzer on the side of your forehead along your hairline down your temple and across cheekbone to fleshy part of cheek
3. Give yourself some braids to be a real 10 (ok maybe don't add the braids)
The Look: Sculpted brows
1. Use a pencil that matches your brows to fill in sparse areas. For lighter brows, go a hue deeper
2. If brows are short, line up a straw along your nose and inner corner of your eye and extend brow with pencil to meet the straw. Place straw on a diagonal from your nose to the outer corner of your eye and extend brow
3. Comb a clear brow gel through brows (or a toothbrush sprayed with alcohol-free hairspray) and you are ready for your Breakfast at Tiffany's!

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