Want flat abs fast? Well here is how Fitness Magazine says you can do just that!

Crunch Beat:
1. Lie face up on mat with knees bent 90 degrees, legs lifted, calfs parallel to the floor
2. Place hands behind head, elbows out and crunch up, lifting shoulders off mat
3. Extend legs diagonally up, cross ankles & extend arms overhead
4. Holding this position over and under each other 8 times, return to start, do 8 times
Single Bridge:
1. Lie face up on mat, knees bent, feet hip width apart on floor, arms by sides
2. Extend right leg straight up towards ceiling, engage abs & lift hips off floor, forming a straight line from left knee to shoulder
3. Raise arms straight over shoulders, make 8 small circles with right leg, switch direction of leg, repeat, lower
4. Switch legs and repeat
Victory Lunge:
1. Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms overhead, palms faced in
2. Lunge forward with left leg, knee bend 90 degrees keeping right leg straight & leaning forward slightly from hips as you lower arms behind you
Curtsy Lift:
1. Stand with feet hip-width apart
2. Step right leg behind and to left of left leg, bending both knees 90 degrees (to curtsy) as you lift arms overhead, palms in
(this one looks a lil confusing, but stand in front of your mirror and watch yourself, keep your balance on whichever leg you aren't reaching behind while you bring the other leg out to the side arms out then behind your leg while lifting arms and repeat!)

Pile Pose:
1. Stand with legs more than shoulder-width, feet turned out 45 degrees
2. Squat, keeping knees above ankles as you bring both hands below waist in front of you, elbows slightly bent, palms up
3. Push off right leg as you straighten left leg, lifting right foot to place it on inside of left thigh, and sweep arms overhead (elbows slightly bent, palms in). Return to squat
4. Do 15 reps, switch legs and repeat
I just tried all of these and I'm feeling the burn! Flat abs here we come!

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