These next couple of days (and past few weeks) will be filled with parties and with the parties comes all the goodies. Some that may pack on the pounds, but not to fear, there are someee healthier choices! Here they are thanks to Fitness.com

We could do without the bread sometimes, but the "marriage of tomatoes and olive oil scores top scores for disease prevention"

Shrimp Cocktails-
"Jumbo on protein and skimpy on fat and calories, this little crustacean may be the best party appetizer there is."

Vegetables and Dip-
Duh, but here's a strategy, "load up three-quarters of your plate with the veggies from the crudite platter. You'll be so busy chowing down... you'll forget how healthy you're being."

"This is a low-fat item that, because of the white rice, will keep you satisfied." Try going for the tuna or salmon rolls as they will be providers of omega-3s. Not a fish fan? Then go for the cucumber or avocado rolls!

Red Wine-
This drink will not only keep you groovin' all night, but it is "chock-full of polyphenol, a compound found in the skin of red grapes that aids circulation, lowers blood pressure, and promotes over all heart health."
So now you are equipped with the proper food choices, next, go party!

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