A No Calorie, No Guilt, TRS Recipe

Well maybe you can't eat this recipe, but your skin will love you for it! We all want glowing soft skin when wearing our Tyler Rose bikini, and exfoliating is one of the best ways to get it. Here is a recipe for an easy-to-make shower scrub. 

In a small bowl mix: 1 medium cucumber (peeled and grated, a cheese grater works best) & 1 cup of buttermilk. The add 1/2 cup sea or kosher salt and blend into a thick paste.
Once in a warm shower, apply the scrub. This is great for places like elbows and knees.
Be sure to treat your skin to this scrub once a week and especially before tanning for an even look!

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TheShoeGirl said...

Oooh-eee! I'm doing this!