Today is a new day, and here is your New Fashion Horoscope

Capricorn: Indulge in a sense for nostalgia, a retro look will suit you well this week.
Scorpio: If your budget is tight right now, find other ways to spoil yourself. Some serious relaxation can work on your inner beauty as much as a great new outfit. 
Sagittarius: Celebrate the new solar year by looking at last year's fashions with an objective eye.  Clean your closet of those things that don't represent who you want to be,  then try donating to to an organization like The Women's Alliance!
Aquarius: Now is a great time to dig to the back of your closet, resurrecting some great older pieces. But in 2 weeks, be ready, you will then be looking for a new look.
Libra: Put as little fashion pressure on yourself as possible this week! Keeping things sleek, simple, and low maintenance is your best bet!
Pisces: You could be in for problems if you don't get some much needed playtime. All work and no play=fashion emergency.
Virgo: A rebellion is taking place, and it's between your old clothes (great functionality) and the clothes you now want (romantic and playful). Give these new styles a chance. 
Aries: Be aware that other people have opinions different than your own, be prepared to earn their respect with your deeds, and maybe even a cute outfit they wouldn't expect of you.
Taurus: The more control you gain over your spending the more you'll realize you call the shots, but if a desire for a makeover is strong, go with it! You're savvy and will figure out the numbers later.
Gemini: Make the switch from dressing-to-impress to dressing-to-express. Express the real you as you claim back your power and realize that relationships cant give you personal satisfaction, only you can!
Cancer: A life more focused on your own needs is calling and your fashion choices are already reflecting that.
Leo: The battle between work and play may feel strong this week, but let your wardrobe help. Create a work look and a play look, see if you can combine and balance the two. 

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