Your Fashion Horoscope This Week

November 10-16
Aries: As you move into the new week, Venus, the planet of beauty is spending her final few days in a very adventurous part of your chart, where along with Pluto is bringing out your inner rebel.  This is likely to evoke some innovative passion choices that make you a leader, rather than a follower in the fashion stakes, be daring.

Taurus: This is the halfway point in your solar year, this may mean you're likely to be a lot more critical, so assume that you have it wrong if you start questioning yourself.  Just go for it!

Gemini: Whether you're dressing to impress at work or on a date, there is a charismatic aura about you that needs little enhancing that others will find captivating

Cancer: With life already busy and set to become even busier, don't feel like you cant have fun! It will make you more productive and creative. 

Leo: The natural flair and creativity that sets Leo's apart from all the other signs is extreme this week, along with a desire for change. There is a new sense of boldness and vitality in your look that is likely to be turning heads and see you embrace the new season's fashions with a vengeance. 

Virgo (Kim's sign): If you have been slow to catch spring fever and you haven't been able to get excited about a new look for a new season, that all changes on Thursday and it changes dramatically. It is then that Venus, planet of love and beauty, moves into a very playful, romantic and creative part of your chart, bringing out your inner flirt. 

Libra (Designer Nichole's Sign): Venus, planet of beauty and your ruling planet, has a change of heart during the course of the week that is likely to see a dramatic shift in your fashion choices, from Thursday onwards. It is then that Venus moves into a very low maintenance mode, when smart choices made earlier in the week will come into play. 

Scorpio (Roxanne's sign): The Sun has been in your sign for long enough now for you to have become comfortable with your new solar year and the new you that is emerging. This is giving you the confidence to claim your own style and your own look, one that is more about who you are now and where you are going, than last year's version. 

Sagittarius: While it won't be until the week after next that the Sun returns to your sign bringing a new solar year, with the new tastes that will go with that, Venus is already giving you a preview and some very strong options. This is one year where you don't have to wait for the Sun, with a new look evolving naturally. 

Capricorn: Indulge your passion for a retro look earlier in the week or to opt out of the fashion race if you feel like you simply can't be bothered. Things change dramatically on Thursday when Venus, planet of love and beauty returns to your sign, on the same day that a Full Moon evokes your inner romantic and your creative side.

Aquarius (Becky's Sign): This is a week of two halves, with Thursday being the dividing line. Until Thursday the theme is a very social one, with lots of chances to dress to impress or serendipitous moments and encounters to look your best for. After Thursday a desire to relax, retreat and escape into your comfiest clothes possible, takes over.
Pisces: A new sense of confidence is setting in, that is giving you a sense of charisma and appeal, that nothing you can wear could ever create. Don't overdress, for you want this natural confidence to shine, instead going for looks that enhance your confidence, knowing that inner confidence equates to outer radiance. 

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