Start of the Week With Tyler Rose Swimwear Horoscopes!

Sagittarius: You should find it a rather fortunate day for making plans or wardrobe decisions. And you'll find your way through any problem you may encounter today.

Capricorn: This is a genuinely nice time, tonight could bring some unexpected expenditures and adventures, be sure to take up any offers and dress to impress. If you are single take a change on a new romance. 

Aquarius: Perhaps a little shopping is in order today, company may drop by unexpectedly, so be sure to exchange the sweats for something with a bit more umph. 

Pisces: A positive attitude benefits you greatly. Let optimism lead you to happy outcomes in your endeavors.  Positive colors will help to keep your spirits high.

Aries: Your optimism and faith will be strong and carry you through to success. You can expect a whirlwind of fun at a social gathering tonight, so plan your outfit early.  Plan to wear a funky scarf, its going to be cold!

Taurus: Today looks like a great day to get lots of done, so dress appropriately to be on the move. Also, good news about a financial investment makes you want to splurge on some item you have had your eye on for some time. But it may be wise to wait just a bit longer.

Gemini: This is a very productive and happy time for you.  You are appreciating things of value and the meaning of value itself. Now is a great time to go vintage shopping.

Cancer: Figuring out new ways to communicate is what makes conversations and interactions go well today.  Communicate through your outfit, what is it you want to say to people?

Leo: Freedom, as well as anything unusual of different, is what interests you now. You may enjoy opportunities to get away from the regular routine-a change of pace. 

Virgo: Your unique and unusual capabilities are trying to to evolve, let them do so with your fashion.  Try something new you're inclined to wear today instead of the usual.

Libra: A kind of mini-revolution may find you developing your value system-allowing you to like new things, and new styles. Take a look at the latest trends.
Lace It Up
Look to Russia
Faux Fur
Floor It
Shine Through
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Scorpio: Look carefully at some type of reorganization that will allow you more freedom.  Then relax tonight once you have cleared your closet-clutter or reorganized your look-books to clear any fashion funks you may be going through.

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