Today's Tyler Rose Swimwear Fashion Horoscope

ARIES: You crave a change, but still want to stay within your comfort zone. How about a sleek red lip gloss instead of matte crimson lips? Or try an oxford pump in a high heel instead of reaching for sky-high stilettos?

TAURUS: Theres a solution out there for every fashion dilemma. Having a problem with button-down shirts gapping in an unprofessional way? A camisole or a placket to keep the line smooth will help take care of that. 
GEMINI: Afraid that perfume is just a little too strong for close quarters? Save time by adding a touch of your favorite fragrance to a light body lotion.  You'll be moisturized and smell elegant at the same time. 

CANCER: There's no harm in dreaming about bikini season even if where you live it's a ways off. Get some catalogues, gather all the latest fashion mags and sit somewhere cozy where you can dream about waves and white sand!
LEO: Is a zit really the end of the world? Keep it in perspective and turn down the volume on the drama. Dab on concealer, wear a flattering lipstick and let your smile spread the right message about your state of mind. 

VIRGO: The biggest factor in looking great is your energy.  The final element behind an outfit isn't the labels--some people can sell a look thats all thrift store head to toe, as long as the attitude is right. 
LIBRA: Feel like creating a little drama in your life, but without the consequences? Get dressed to the nines, even if you're running out to get your dry cleaning. High heels and sunglasses give you instant star quality.
SCORPIO: Your favorite shampoo might be as good as ever--you just need a small break from it. Borrow your roommate's or your sweetheart's for a week or two and then go back to your old standby to see how it works.
SAGITTARIUS: Knowing the return policy before you buy something can influence whether you purchase something or not.  For instance, if you knew that adorable shirt was all-sales-final, would it still be quite as cute?
CAPRICORN: Figure out a way to appreciate someone else's style. It may not be for you--ever--but there are certainly brave elements about your roommate's purple hair and piercings or your mom's devotion to comfortable footwear.
AQUARIUS: Animal prints on a belt, bag or shoes can be sexy and stylish, not hokey. Remember to stick to one motif: after all, tigers, zebras and leopards fight each other in the wild, so imagine what they'd do in one outfit.
PISCES: So maybe 100 strokes of the hairbrush is old-fashioned and not truly necessary, but every now and then, it feels great.  Add a little scalp massage while you're at it and your locks will look truly refreshed.

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